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New York City is home to tens of thousands of stray animals, and this number continues to rise rapidly. Some of these animals have been abandoned by careless pet owners, while others are born to a life on the streets. No matter what their circumstance, the grim reality is - every day, homeless animals struggle to find access to food, shelter and water. They eventually die either from being struck by a car, ingesting rat poison, succumbing to various illnesses, being abused by humans, starving or literally freezing to death during the winter months. Life on the NYC streets is a constant struggle.​

Unlike many large, nationally-recognized nonprofits, where CEOs and executive team members make six figures, New York City Animal Rescue Girls (NYCARG) is a 100 percent not-for-profit organization.


Operating on donations alone, NYCARG relies heavily on the generosity of others. When you donate to NYCARG, you may rest assured that every penny will be used to help a homeless or sick animal. Our organization is comprised solely of volunteers who dedicate their time for the love of animals. 

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